Beveled Edges Custom Framing

Glass Options:  

We carry a variety of glass options to suit every framing need. Tru Vue is the leading brand in glazing products. We will provide the information you need to make wise glass choices.

Light is the single most destructive element to any fine art: photographs, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel paintings, and all prints including lithographs, giclees, 4 color printed papers.  It doesn't have to be in direct sunlight to damage  fine art.  Light damage will infiltrate and fade fine art.

You can reduce the damage done to art by choosing conservation products. Listed are the types of glass we carry and the amount of UV protection they provide.

Regular Clear:  47% UV protection

Conservation Clear  97% UV protection

Conservation Reflection Control  97% UV protection

Anti-Reflective  78% UV protection

Museum Glass  99% UV protection


We also carry Acrylic as an option to glass.  Acrylic is recommended for very large and heavy framed items.  

Acrylic Options:


Conservation Clear

Conservation Reflection Control